Not a fan of Maia “Greek style” yogurt

Maia's vanilla flavored "Greek style" yogurt

It’s vanilla flavored… not that I could taste it over the intense sourness of this “Greek style” yogurt which, with its firm body, is more like a cheese.

I found myself at the Whole Foods Market way downtown in New York near the World Trade Center the other day and of course had to check out the dairy section to see if there were any Greek yogurts that my local Whole Foods at home didn’t stock.

As luck would have it, I found two brands of yogurt that I had not seen before so I was forced to try both. Hands were tied.

First up was a brand called Maia which I had never heard of. The cup advertises the product as a “Greek style” yogurt which perhaps should have been a red flag or at the very least a yellow flag. I’m still trying to figure out what corners would have to be cut for a yogurt to be “Greek style” instead of full blown Greek yogurt.

In any case, I ended up trying the vanilla flavored variety: no strawberry available to my chagrin. It probably didn’t matter, though, since I could barely taste the flavor over the incredible level of sourness.

This wasn’t a pleasant tartness like in Chobani or Oikos yogurt nor was it an interesting, acquirable tang like siggi’s offers. No, eating Maia’s yogurt was like sucking on a lemon… an unpleasantly sour one… just very sharp overall.

That combined with the very solid body — the yogurt was firm and set quite like siggi’s 2% skyr — gave the illusion of eating a soured up, spoiled cream cheese. This wasn’t a culinary experience I’d ever care to repeat, which is unfortunate given the admirable goals and values upon which the company was founded (and for those alone I would encourage anyone who might be more inclined to favor very sour yogurts to try a cup in support of the company’s efforts).


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