Ronnybrook yogurt: for the yogurt lover who wants to drink their yogurt

It’s always a nice surprise for me when I find a new yogurt brand, but it’s a particularly great day to discover two that I’ve never seen before which is what happened the other day when I was in the Whole Foods Market near the World Trade Center.

The first one I tried, Maia “Greek style” yogurt, didn’t really sit well with me. I wish I could say that I loved the other, a regular yogurt (strawberry variety) by Ronnybrook Farm Dairy, but alas it didn’t really thrill me… although I enjoyed the yogurt quite a bit more than I did Maia’s offering.

I’ve had some of Ronnybrook’s dairy products before. The Whole Foods locations in New York City and northeast New Jersey carry their delicious and creamy whole milk in glass bottles, and their retail location in Chelsea Market serves killer milkshakes.

However, their yogurt just didn’t wow me mainly because of the thin consistency. The package describes the product as a “creamline” yogurt so as expected the top “layer” has a whipped cream like, soft set consistency. Underneath, however, the body thinned out to the point of being fairly watery making the yogurt seem more like something that you’d drink rather than scoop with a spoon. In fact, it just dripped right off my spoon with ease so I ended up just chugging most of the yogurt straight from the cup.

There’s a market for “drinkable yogurts”, but since I’m not really a fan of those it would have been nice if the labeling had warned me. I’m sure it would have been a nice little surprise for someone who more immensely enjoys partaking in these more liquid like products, though.

The overall taste was pretty good. The yogurt, which was already blended with the strawberry ingredients, was a bit on the sour side for me at first, but I later found the little well of strawberry purée hidden at the bottom of the cup which was sweet enough to alleviate that issue.

Ronnybrook strawberry creamline yogurt isn’t a bad product at all… it’s just not really in line with what I’m looking for in a yogurt so I’m inclined to just stick with my favorites.



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