Add some heat to that breakfast bagel

When you work at a company with lots of employees you’re bound to pick up some interesting new perspectives on a lot of things especially food. Not even 15 minutes ago I observed a coworker of mine squirting a zigzag of sriracha across the cream cheese spread atop his bagel. I made some sort of expression of surprise that caught his attention, and he told me that he too was intrigued when he saw one of his teammates performing this breakfast preparation ritual only a few minutes prior so he decided to give it a shot.

I suppose curiosity is contagious because I immediately grabbed one of our bottles of sriracha and decorated the bagel I had just smeared with Philadelphia with some of the hot stuff. The result is pretty darned tasty: the sriracha adds a bit of a kick, but the bulk of the heat is offset by the cream cheese so you end up with a nice little zing without much of the burn (for those who are Scoville adverse).

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